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Wife says husband wants too much sex asks Court for Divorce relationship Tsty

Story Highlights

  • Woman reached court after getting upset with husband
  • 14 years of marriage
  • The court will now hear the matter on March 1

A woman got so upset with her husband’s actions that she had to approach the court. Both have been married for 14 years. There are also three children. Woman wants divorce from husband. This is the case of Nigeria. The woman alleged that her husband’s habit of more sex would kill her.

According to Premium Times Nigeria, the woman’s name is Olamide Lawal. She has moved the Customs Court against her husband on 7 January in Mopo, Ibadan. Where she has sought divorce from the husband from the court.

The name of the husband of the petitioner woman is Saheed Lawal. Actually, the woman says that her husband has too much sex with her. That’s why he needs a divorce.

The woman also alleged in the petition filed in the court that the husband also drinks alcohol. The woman had said in the court, ’14 years have passed since the marriage, but there is no such thing as humanity in the husband.’ The woman also alleged that he always drinks beer. When he is intoxicated, he forces her. She is upset because of this.

The woman has appealed to the court to ban her husband from coming to her flat. At the same time, the woman also said in front of the court that the accused husband does not even pay her expenses.

What did the accused say in defense

At the same time, accused husband Saheed Lawal, a fashion designer by profession, said in his defense, ‘Now I have stopped drinking, I am ready to take care of my children.’ In this case, the President of the court SM Akintayo has postponed the matter till March 1. He told the couple that both keep peace.


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