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The person’s nose was like a private part, this remedy was done to avoid embarrassment – Nose best plastic surgery Case before after Rhinophyma USA New york tsty


Story Highlights

  • The nose of a person living in America was strange
  • This person’s nose got cured after surgery

Best plastic surgery before and after: Sometimes there is some problem in the body part, then it becomes very uncomfortable for anyone. People also have to face embarrassment because of some organ. One such case has come to the fore in America, where a person’s nose was like a private part. Because of this he was troubled for a long time.

He had been battling with his strange nose for many years. He used to feel embarrassed even to go out because of this nose. But now he has got rid of his shapely nose.

Conrado Estrada lives in New York. A painter by profession. Earlier, he often used to wear a mask to hide his nose. According to the New York Post, he also had trouble eating and breathing because of his nose.

Conrado said, ‘Whenever I used to pass somewhere, people used to stare at me. Children used to ask their mothers why this man is like this? , After this, whenever I went out, I used to wear a mask.

Conrado Estrada said that this was not only a cause of embarrassment for him, but due to this erratic nose, he also had many physical problems. Many times he could not even talk to people because of this nose. This nose used to come up to his lips. Whenever he used to eat something, the spoon used to hit his nose.

Conardo was battling Rhinophyma disorder
After battling all these problems for a long time, he got his surgery done at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. His surgery was done by the hospital’s doctor Thomas Romo (Dr. Thomas Romo). He is an expert in plastic surgery. According to doctor Thomas Romo, he was suffering from a disorder called rhinophyma.

In which many times the nose becomes big, red, dilated or more protruding, he said that after 20 years he has seen such a case. He said that there is no cure for it. If the nose is more awkward then surgery can be done. Four weeks have passed since Conardo’s surgery.



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