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The girl with the tattoos Amy Smith Kids failed to recognize her 40 Tattoos on body tlif

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  • There is a lot of trend of getting tattoos nowadays.
  • A girl got recognition because of tattoo
  • 40 tattoos were made on the body

In today’s time, the craze of getting tattoos has become. From Bollywood stars to common people, everyone is getting tattoos. There are many types of tattoos made in the market. Some tattoos are for a limited time and some are permanent. Some people even get tattoos done on their face, tongue. There are many such tattooed people in India as well as abroad, who often remain in the headlines for their bizarre choice and lifestyle. Recently this happened with a 23-year-old girl, in which her own children could not recognize her due to tattoos.

what is the whole matter

(Image Credit: Instagram/amiee_inked)

Aimee Smith, who is 23 years old, hails from Oakham, East Midlands. They have 2 boys, the elder girl is 6 years old whose name is Eliza and the younger son is 1 year old and his name is Remi.

Amy was very fond of getting tattoos since childhood, due to which she started getting tattoos from the age of 14. Then gradually his craze for tattoos increased and he started making different types of tattoos. Then gradually 40 tattoos were made on his body.

These tattoos of Amy were all over the face, shoulders, near the eyes, back, chest, arms, legs. When Amy felt she was being identified by her tattoo instead of her, she decided to have the tattoo removed and when she came back from the tattoo cover-up ‘treatment’, her children also failed to recognize Amy, their mother. .

Everyone knew the name of the girl with the tattoo

Children had always seen Amy with tattoos, then as soon as Amy removed the tattoos from her body, her new form came in front of the children. Because of which he could not even recognize his mother.

Amy told the Daily Star, “I was feeling very uncomfortable. Because looking at myself in the mirror without a tattoo was like I was looking at someone else. My mother cried seeing my new look. Amy revealed that his youngest child could not recognize him, as all the tattoos were removed from his body and his son was seeing him without a tattoo for the first time.”

Amy further told that I live in a very small town and everyone knows me only by my appearance (tattoo). They don’t know my name, only I am known as ‘The girl with the tattoos’.

Got compliments and taunts too

Amy told that many times I got praise due to my tattoo and sometimes I got taunts too. Sharing an anecdote, Amy said that once I went to the child’s school, at that time some people talked to me and praised my tattoo, after which they said that we will also get tattoos like you.

At the same time, when I was going with my child, some people commented on my tattoo, which my son had listened to. After this my son also got a tattoo done. I am very happy who I am now.


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