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The future of Afghanistan rests on its relations with Pakistan. Afghanistan’s future hinges on its relations with Pakistan

Digital Desk, Islamabad. The US Institute of Peace (USIP), a Washington-based federal body, has said that the future of Afghanistan depends on its relationship with Pakistan and the funding provided by the US and other countries. Pakistan’s relations will pave the way for shaping the future of Afghanistan. The report’s assessment is based on various studies that it conducted on Afghanistan during 2021.

Humanitarian aid alone cannot stop the economic collapse in Afghanistan, the report said. Positive relations with Islamabad can help promote stability, development. Pakistan’s role is significant because of the support Islamabad has received for the Taliban in the past, which is considered a decisive factor in determining the future of Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Is.

According to Elizabeth Threlkeld, author of the USIP report, aid from now on by the US and allies to the Afghan government will shape the country’s future. The extent of support the Taliban receives from external sources, primarily Pakistan, will also be a deciding factor in determining Afghanistan’s future.

While aid and relations are important for a better future for Afghanistan, the report also warned that long-standing issues, grievances and conflicts between Pakistan and Afghanistan point to a negative and opposite outcome. . Threlkeld said, Afghanistan and Pakistan stand the best chance of building their cross-border relations for regional stability and the well-being of their citizens.

Keeping the Durand Line dispute as a more sensitive point of disagreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan; The report highlights that the recent conflict between Pakistani border guarding forces and Taliban fighters shows that, like previous Afghan governments, the Taliban do not want to recognize the fencing of the international border.

On the other hand, Pakistan intends to erect border fencing to prevent cross-border terrorism and movement of terrorists. concerns, security interests, geopolitical dynamics, cross-border relations and connectivity, and trade.



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