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That selfie became the last picture… Four friends died in snowfall – Pakistan Snowstorm Murree Four Friends Last Selfie Many People died Murree Snowfall tstf

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Pakistan Snowstorm Murree: 22 tourists died due to heavy snowfall in Muri area of ​​Punjab province of Pakistan. The accident happened due to the vehicles getting stuck in the snow. Four friends were also among those killed, whose ‘Last Selfie’ is going viral on social media.

Among the 22 tourists who died in this disaster (Murree Snowfall), four youths living in Mardan are also included. These four were friends. Their names are Asad Khan, Suhail Khan, Bilal Khan, and their namesake is another Bilal Khan.

According to BBC, Suhail was the eldest of these four friends, who was 25 years old. Suhail was married and has two children. The deceased Asad was also married and he also has two children. Both Bilal were unmarried. All four of these friends died in heavy snowfall. Before the accident, they had taken a selfie together, which proved to be the last selfie of their life.

People used to give examples of friendship

A close friend of those boys, Faisal Khan said that Asad, Suhail and Bilal, we used to do the business of bars. We had a very close friendship. According to Faisal- “We used to wear the same clothes, watches, shoes, everything. People used to give examples of our friendship.”

Pakistan, Murre Incident (PTI)

When the snow started falling in Muri, Faisal made a plan to visit. But all four of them planned to go to Muri separately from Faisal and Faisal went to Bahrain alone. Faisal told that when I called Asad on the morning of January 9, someone else picked up his number and told me – “Asad Khan and all three people with him have died.”

Faisal quoted another friend of his as saying that he had called the four of them. Then he said that heavy snow is falling in Muri. We will be back soon. A few hours later, he gave the same answer. But when he called in the morning, it was found that all four of them had died.

What did you say before death?

According to the report, when Asad, Suhail and both Bilal were trapped in the snowfall, they told their relatives over the phone – “There is nothing to worry about. We are fine. It doesn’t matter if you have to spend the night in the car too. There is a heater in the car, we will be saved from the cold.” Earlier in the day, he also took a selfie, which proved to be his last selfie.


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