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Taliban will recruit suicide bombers in the army in response to the threat of Islamic State tlifw

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  • Taliban army will have suicide bombers
  • Special squad will be formed
  • Suicide bombers will deal with the threat of Islamic State

The Taliban will now officially recruit suicide bombers into its army. Since coming to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have felt a greater security threat than their rival Islamic State. The Taliban has taken this step in an attempt to stop the same threat.

Before coming to power in August 2021, the Taliban used suicide bombers as a key weapon in the 20-year war to attack and defeat American and Afghan troops. Now the Taliban is going to do something similar even after coming to power. The Taliban is re-inducting all those suicide bombers into its fighters.

Taliban deputy spokesman Bilal Karimi has said that the Taliban now wants to organize a special squad for the defense of Afghanistan by organizing scattered squads of suicide bombers across the country.

The main target of this squad will be the local branches of Islamic State. Islamic State has carried out at least five major attacks since the Taliban came to power. Many of these attacks were carried out by suicide bombers.

Giving information about the squad, Karimi said, “Special forces, which will include martyrs, will be used for special operations.”

Here, the government of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan is increasing with regard to Pakistan as a friend. The Taliban are against fencing along the Durand Line and Pakistan is continuing the fencing work. The Taliban have uprooted the fences put in by Pakistan in many areas.

A senior Pakistani official recently said that the blood of Pakistan’s soldiers has been shed in fencing, so this work will not stop.

At the same time, now the Taliban has said that they will not allow Pakistan to fence. Taliban commander Mawlawi Sanaullah Sangeen while talking to Afghanistan’s Tolo News on Wednesday said, ‘We will not allow fences in any form, at any time. They (Pakistan) did what they did earlier, but we will not allow it now. Now there will be no fence.


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