Saturday, January 22, 2022

Taliban Pour 3000 Liters Of Liquor Into Kabul Canal

Kabul. Agents of the intelligence unit of the new Taliban government of Afghanistan have taken major action against the liquor business in the country. Under this, about 3,000 liters of liquor confiscated has been thrown in the Kabul canal. A video of this has surfaced on social media. The Director General (GDI) of Afghanistan’s Intelligence Unit has released this video on his official Twitter handle. In this, agents of the intelligence unit are seen pouring liquor confiscated during the guerilla operation at various places for the capital Kabul.

GDI uploaded this video on its Twitter handle on Sunday. A religious leader is also seen in this. They are saying, ‘Muslims should abstain from drinking and drinking. One should stay away from its business. The GDI, however, did not specify when the liquor was confiscated and when it was spilled. But it is definitely told that three liquor traders have been arrested.

Let us tell you that even during the previous government in Afghanistan, there was a ban on drinking and selling alcohol. But then it was not so strict. Since August 15, 2021, Afghanistan has been occupied by the Taliban, strictness in such matters has increased. Since the Taliban is a fanatical organization following strict Islamic rules and regulations, since its occupation of the government, raids against drug addicts and shoplifters are also continuing throughout the country.

A separate ministry has been created in the Taliban government. Its name is ‘Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice’. This ministry has issued many guidelines for the people. They have told that which rules of Islam they should strictly follow in life and which evils should be abandoned immediately. The ministry has also mentioned all the restrictions for women in these guidelines.

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