Sunday, January 23, 2022

South Korea Election hair loss bald voters news

Seoul. South Korea’s presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung is not bald, but he is gaining support from many bald voters because of his emphasis on government help to prevent hair loss . Earlier this week, Jae Myung revealed his proposal, which has led to the treatment of hair loss as an important issue ahead of South Korea’s presidential election in March.

During the last elections, North Korea’s nuclear program, relations with the US, scandals and economic problems were important issues. Bald people have strongly supported Jae Myung’s proposal. There is also strong criticism that the ruling party’s candidate has made this populist proposal just to garner votes.

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There has been a flood of messages about this on social media. Some of the messages said, ‘Jae Myung, I love you. You are the honorable President. For the first time in Korea, you have infused enthusiasm among bald people. Jae Myung told reporters on Wednesday that he thinks hair regrowth treatments should be covered by the National Health Insurance Program. Jae Myung wrote on Facebook, ‘I will make a great strategy for hair regrow treatment.’

According to reports, one out of every five people in South Korea suffers from hair loss. Hair regrow treatment is not currently covered under the insurance program run by the government. Help is given for treatment only when there is hair loss due to some diseases.



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