Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Responding to Pakistan in its own language, Taliban rained bullets on the Pakistani border. Firing continues between Pakistan Army and Taliban on Durand Line

Digital Desk, Kabul. After the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban, now reports of firing with Pakistan are coming to the fore. Let us tell you that Pakistan had justified and supported the Taliban’s control over Afghanistan, but this help of Pakistan became costly and firing is going on between the Pakistan Army and the Afghan Taliban on the Durand Line. It is worth noting that the latest incidents have taken place on Friday in the villages of Ganjgal, Kunaur and Sarkano in Bajaur area.

two Pakistani soldiers killed

Let us tell you that according to some reports, on Friday afternoon, firing continued from both sides for about half an hour. The firing reportedly began when a Taliban sniper gunned down two Pakistani soldiers engaged in a cordoning of the border. After this Pakistani soldiers opened fire on the settlements here. The clashes along the border come at a time when the Taliban and Pakistan have claimed that they have resolved the recent dispute over the cordon.

There have been conflicts in the past due to border dispute

Let us tell you that the cordon between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been the cause of a tussle, due to which differences over the status of the border are so deep that in the past there have been deadly conflicts between the soldiers of the two countries. Let us inform that Afghanistan opposes this by saying that the border demarcation was done in the colonial period. Afghan Pashtuns define their country’s borders on the basis of the Durand Line. But Pakistan has been opposing this.

What is Durand Line?

Actually, the name of the 2430 km long international border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is Durand Line. This line was accepted under an agreement in the year 1896. Let us tell you that Afghanistan is surrounded by land on all sides and its biggest border is with Pakistan towards the east, it is called Durand Line. The Durand Line is named after Sir Martimer Durand, who persuaded the Amir of Afghanistan, Abdur Rahman Khan, to consider it a boundary line.


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