Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Pakistanis are cremated in Japan as per Japanese tradition pakistani leaders raised the issue tlifw

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There has been a controversy in Japan over the cremation of the dead body of a Pakistani man. The person was a resident of Lahore, Pakistan and had died a few days ago. After death, the local authorities cremated his body instead of Muslim customs (burial).

This is the second time in the last 6 months that a Pakistani person has been cremated in Japan in the Japanese way. Pakistani Imran Khan living in Japan is questioning the government regarding this incident.

According to Pakistan’s English news website ‘The News’, the person’s name was Rashid Mahmood Khan and he was 50 years old. He didn’t have any children. Rashid’s wife was from Japan. Rashid’s wife had no contact with any Pakistani or any Muslim organization.

The matter came to light when Malik Noor Awan, a close friend of Rashid, contacted the hospital’s management. They were told that Rashid had died and that his last rites were performed according to Japanese customs.

There is resentment among Pakistanis living in Japan over Rashid’s funeral. Rashid’s friend Noor Awan and senior people like Abid Hussain, Malik Yunus, Chaudhry Ansar have demanded from the Government of Pakistan to take up the issue with the Government of Japan. Many people are expressing their displeasure on social media as well.

In Japan, more than 99 percent of dead bodies are cremated by burning, whereas cremation is forbidden in Islam.

The number of cemeteries in Japan is also very less, so the Muslim community has to face a lot of difficulties in performing the last rites of the relatives according to their customs. There is no restriction on building a cemetery under the law, but the locals strongly oppose it.


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