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Omicron Strict restrictions in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland some relief to the people of England covid19 | Strict restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, some relief to the people of England

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Omicron: Strict restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, some relief to the people of England


  • Precautionary steps taken after increase in corona cases
  • There is no possibility of strict restrictions on New Year in Britain

London: While strict restrictions have been implemented in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland regarding the corona virus, on the other hand, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government in England is also implementing limited restrictions but there is no possibility of any very strict lockdown on the New Year. All three countries issued some new rules on Sunday. Under these rules, the number of people gathering together has been mainly limited. Restrictions have also been imposed on restaurants, pubs and night clubs which will be very harmful for this industry.

Nick Newman, manager of a nightclub in Wales, says the different restrictions have created a strange situation. Because different rules may apply in pubs and other places along the border. At the same time, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on Monday that no further restrictions will be imposed in England before the new year. He said that the government is monitoring the figures of Corona and will stick to its decision not to implement any strict restrictions for the time being.

However, due to the ongoing restrictions regarding Corona, people’s Christmas holiday in Britain has also been spoiled. According to new official figures, 98,515 new cases of corona infection were registered in England on Monday and 143 people died. In England, the NHS reported that 1,281 patients were hospitalized on Christmas Day, up over 70% from the previous week.


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