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Old man fell down kilauea most active volcano in Hawaii tsty

Story Highlights

  • Fell 100 feet while looking at the volcano
  • Helicopter help taken to remove the dead body

Most active volcano in hawaii: A 75-year-old man had arrived in Hilo to see the ‘Kilauea Volcano’ present in Hawaii. But what happened to them can shock anyone’s heart. The elders did not return to their families to see the volcano. After this, the relatives gave information about this matter to the National Park Service.

After which the Rangers and Fire Brigade personnel started searching for this man. Then he saw the elderly in the crater (upper part of the volcano) 100 feet below. Later investigation revealed that he had fallen down while looking at Kilovio Volcano. Kiloweo Volcano is one of the five most active volcanoes on the Hawaiian Islands. Whatever people come to see it, that place is open. But the officials present here constantly say that whoever is coming to see the volcano. He remained present only at the designated place. so that no accident happens.

According to the Daily Mail, these elders named Hilo went to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Sunday. But he did not return till Monday, after which his family worried about him. When the Rangers and Fire Brigade staff present here started searching for them. After this his body was found inside the crater. Helicopter’s help was also taken to remove his body.

The whole matter is being investigated, how the accident happened. This volcano erupted on 29 September 2021. However, accidents have happened at this place in the past as well. Even before this in 2019, a 32-year-old man had fallen 70 feet while looking at this volcano. At the same time, in 2017, 38 years had committed suicide by jumping near this volcano. The body of this person was found 250 feet below. Kilauea Volcano is the most active of the 5 volcanoes in Hawaii.


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