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How did the girlfriend get the boy arrested 6 times to break the relationship? – Girl made 30 fake Instagram Account innocent Boyfriend jailed tstf

Story Highlights

  • Girl created 30 fake Instagram accounts
  • also misled the police

A young woman played a very clever trick to implicate her ex-boyfriend. He created not one or two but 30 fake Instagram accounts and sent threatening messages to himself from them. After sending the message, the girl accused the ex-boyfriend that he wanted to kill her. This act of his ruined the life of the ex-boyfriend. Let’s know the full story..

Actually, this whole matter is of Liverpool, UK. Where 20-year-old Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth had a fight with 22-year-old boyfriend Louis Jolly last year. Courtney left Jolly after the controversy. But after the breakup, Courtney adopted a very clever method to implicate Jolly, which ruined Jolly’s life.

Arrested, went to jail, job was also lost…

According to the report of ‘Daily Mail’, Courtney created 30 fake Instagram accounts one by one to send her ex-boyfriend Jolly to jail and sent threatening messages like stabbing herself to death. Not only this, he also gave statements in front of the police accusing Jolly of stalking, making obscene comments, harassment etc.

Due to this Jolly was arrested 6 times. He had to spend 81 hours in custody, which included an overnight remand. In the midst of all this, Jolly also had to lose her job. He was placed under house arrest with an electronic tag.

Girl’s open pole, imprisoned for 10 months

Louise Jolly did not accept Courtney’s allegations and filed a case in the case. During the hearing, the court ordered an inquiry into the Instagram messages allegedly sent by Jolly. But it took a long time to recover the message and the case continued. However, recently the turning point in this case came when it was revealed that many Instagram accounts were created from Courtney’s mobile itself. All the accounts had the same IP address. It was later revealed that Courtney herself had sent threatening messages to herself.

During interrogation, Courtney confessed to her crime. Her new boyfriend was also involved in this conspiracy of Courtney. Courtney had also kept her mother in the lurch and many times she had called the police against Jolly. Currently, Courtney has been sentenced to 10 months in prison in this case.

Significantly, during this entire incident, Jolly’s mental health was badly affected. He was suffering from depression. He lost his job, had to go to jail, that too for an act that he had not done. The court also took cognizance of this. The judge said- ‘I express my deepest sympathy to Jolly and her family, which they have suffered.’


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