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How did a six year old girl buy her first house for 5 crores? – 6 Year girl bought a house of five crores in Melbourne Clyde Australia tsty

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  • Bought a house in Melbourne, Australia
  • The father of the children is the owner of the property company

In Melbourne, Australia, a six-year-old girl, along with her two younger siblings, has bought her first house worth Rs 5 crore. The three children saved one and a half lakh rupees from pocket money and the rest was helped by the father. After this, the three children officially became the owners of a house worth 5 crores. In a conversation with 7NEWS, the girl said- ‘My name is Ruby and I am six years old. I am going to buy my first house.

These children also helped in their father’s work to earn money. All the three children had saved 2-2 thousand dollars from their own pocket money. After this, his father also helped him, after which he is now the owner of a house worth about 5 crores.

These three siblings named Ruby, Gus and Lucy have taken this house in Clyde (Clyde, Melbourne), 48 km from Melbourne, Australia. His father advised him to buy this house.

Cam McLellan, the father of these children, told that he had encouraged his children to buy property. The total cost of this house is more than 5 crores now. But in the coming 10 years its price will almost double. According to the Daily Mail, Cam McClellan is the cofounder of property company Open Corp. He has recently written a book about an investment.

These children helped the father in the household chores, from which he got pocket money. Also helped in packing the father’s book ‘My Four Year Old, the Property Investor’. This book is best seller book. Which Cam has dedicated to her children. This book was launched in November.

Talking to ‘7 News’, Cam said that I have written this book for my children so that they can see how property is made. The price of the block that these children have bought is expected to double in 2032.


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