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Gold mine collapse in sudan atleast 38 people killed

Khartoum. At least 38 people died after a gold mine collapsed in Sudan’s West Kordofan province on Tuesday. The officers provided this information. Sudan’s state-run mining company said in a statement that the accident happened in a closed mine in Fuja Village, 700 km south of the capital Khartoum. There is also information about injuries to some people in this accident. The mining company posted some pictures on Facebook showing villagers gathering at the site.

In the pictures, at least two ‘dredgers’ were seen working to find the survivors and bodies of the accident. In other photographs, people can be seen preparing graves to bury the dead. The company said in its statement that this mine was not working, but the local miners returned to work here. In fact, when the soldiers guarding this mine returned from here, people saw it as an opportunity to collect gold. After this, reached here for digging. However, he had to lose his life for taking this step. The company did not say when the mine stopped working.

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Why is mining unsafe in Sudan?
Indeed, a decade ago, inflation reached its peak in Sudan, one of the world’s poorest countries. After this, the work of gold mining started flourishing here and people started earning money through mining.

Around 20 lakh people across the country work as traditional mine workers to find gold. They often work in semi-legal mines across Sudan. Where the conditions are very unsafe and the infrastructure is absolutely dilapidated. Despite these uncertain circumstances, 80 percent of the gold extracted from Sudan is produced by these workers, according to official figures.

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According to the data, in 2020, 36.6 tonnes of gold was extracted in Sudan located in East Africa. This was the second highest gold extracted by any country in the entire continent. At the same time, for the last two years, the government of Sudan has started regulating the mining industry. This is being done when there is a danger of gold smuggling from the country. But since the coup on October 25, the country has been embroiled in a political crisis, which has also led to large-scale violence. Mining is common in African countries. Similar incidents keep coming to the fore in the nearby country of Congo as well. (agency input)


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