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Dictatorship is the solution to every problem of Pakistan: PAK journalist Hassan Nisar tlifw

Story Highlights

  • Pakistani journalist advocates dictatorship
  • Said- Dictatorship is the solution to every problem of Pakistan
  • Told to shoot those demanding democracy

Senior Pakistani journalist and political analyst Hassan Nisar has said that dictatorship is the solution to all the problems of Pakistan. Hassan Nisar says that there should be an autocratic government in the country for 15 years. Nisar has said that whoever demands democracy, he should be shot and the money for the bullet should also be recovered from his family members.

dictator solution to every problem

Talking to a local TV channel of Pakistan, Hasan Nisar said, ‘Whoever takes the name of democracy, bring it to the front of the firing squad and recover the cost of bullets, gun grinding from his family members. From primary education to population control…only the dictatorial ruler can fix these problems.’

Referring to the descendants of the Bhutto and Sharif families, Nisar angrily said, “Are these children the ones running and running the country? Fear God. Nothing is in its place.’

‘No choice but dictatorship’

When asked whether he was talking about imposing dictatorship in Pakistan? Nisar replied, ‘I say there is no other option but this (dictatorship), otherwise the devastation will cross all its limits.’

When the anchor questioned Imran Khan that Imran Khan, who is against dictatorship and supports western democracy, should be given next five years? In response, Hasan Nisar said, ‘I said that he should also be seen by giving it. This is our duty.

Pakistanis furious over Hassan Nisar’s statement

Many people in Pakistan are criticizing these statements of Hasan Nisar and saying that they should be banned. By sharing the video clip of the TV program on social media, people are targeting Hasan Nisar.

Geo TV reporter Murtaza Ali Shah has tweeted Hasan Nisar’s statement, while retweeting former Professor S Abbas wrote, ‘What Hasan Nisar said on TV is unacceptable. Inciting violence is not freedom of expression. This person is openly preaching on fascism.

Pakistani journalist Wasim Abbasi tweeted, ‘Hasan Nisar should be banned for spreading the Constitution on TV. This is an insult to 22 crore Pakistanis. People are spreading anger against them.

Nida Kirmani, who works for women’s rights, targeted the Imran Khan government in her tweet, writing, ‘Hasan Nisar calls for those who support democracy to be shot and their loved ones to pay for bullets… .Very good. On the other hand Ali Wazir had criticized the policies of the country in only one of his speeches and is in jail for more than a year.

A user named Sherko Mazari wrote, ‘Why are such people called on TV?’ Pakistani writer Yusuf Nazar wrote on Twitter, ‘Hasan Nisar is a sly fool. He should be banned for advocating war and inciting violence.


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