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China furious over the statement of Army Chief Naravane! India China Border Dispute China criticises the statement of Army Chief MM Naravane tlifw

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  • China reacted to MM Naravane’s statement
  • Criticized the Chinese threat statement of the army chief
  • No information was given about the 14th round of talks

China on Thursday criticized the statement of Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane in which he talked about the Chinese threat on the LAC. China has said that it expects Indian officials to refrain from such absurd statements.

Chinese Foreign Minister spokesman Wang Wenbin said during a briefing, ‘China and India are working at diplomatic and military levels to reduce tension on the border. We hope Indian officials will refrain from making absurd remarks.

MM Naravane had said on Wednesday that progress has been made in talks with the People’s Liberation Army of China regarding the northern and western regions. However, a partial threat remains after mutual estrangement.

China’s Foreign Ministry did not share any information regarding the 14th round of commander-level meeting between India and China on Wednesday. During the briefing, when questions were asked about the talks between the two countries, Weinbin said, ‘If there is any information, we will share it.’

India and China are in talks to resolve the military standoff that has been going on for the last 20 months in eastern Ladakh. These talks took place after a gap of three months. After the end of the talks, no official statement was issued by India and China. This indicates that there are deep differences between the two countries regarding the removal of military deployment from the disputed sites.

Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday before the talks, “At present, the situation in the border areas is completely stable and the two sides are holding talks at the diplomatic and military levels.” We hope that India will regularly work to help turn the situation around to deal with emergencies.

The last military talks between the two countries had failed in October. Both had issued strong statements after the 13th round of talks ended in bitterness.

The People’s Liberation Army of China had said in its statement that India had made an unreasonable and unreasonable demand during the talks. India had said that the Chinese side was not in favor of consensus and could not make any visionary proposals at the negotiating table.

The standoff on the border in eastern Ladakh between the armies of the two countries began on 5 May 2020 after a violent clash between the Indian and Chinese forces in the Pangong Lake area. The army of both the countries deployed thousands of soldiers in the area and also deposited a large number of weapons.

Even after several rounds of military and diplomatic talks, so far only the troops have been partially removed. India has repeatedly rejected China’s allegations that Indian troops have crossed the Chinese border at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. India has been saying that we have always taken a responsible approach to border management and maintaining peace in the border areas.


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