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Afghanistan: Why is Taliban sanding manikins’ necks outside shops? – Taliban ordered beheading mannequin declares them offensive to Islam tlifw

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  • Heads of effigies sanded in Afghanistan
  • Taliban ordered
  • Mannequins told anti-Islamic

The conservative face of the Taliban government in Afghanistan has once again come to the fore. A video from Afghanistan’s Herat province is going viral on social media in which a man is beheading the effigies of models at a clothing store. It can be seen in the video that the person is beheading the effigies of the models. People standing around him are shouting slogans of Allah-hu-akbar and are laughing.

In fact, the Taliban government had ordered that the effigies of models installed at clothing shops should be removed. It was described as ‘hurting Islam’ and orders were issued to remove the effigies from the shops. These orders were given by the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in the western Afghan province of Herat.

Aziz Rahman, the head of the ministry’s local department, described the effigies as ‘statues’ and claimed they were being worshipped, which is prohibited under Islam. Worship of idols is considered a serious sin in Islam. Islam forbids the worship of anything other than Allah.

With the arrival of the Taliban, the economy of Afghanistan is in a very bad condition and the work of shopkeepers has come to a standstill. In such a situation, the new order of the Taliban has increased their problems. The shopkeepers appealed to Taliban officials not to remove the effigies of their expensive models, saying they needed it.

Keeping in mind the arguments of the shopkeepers, Aziz Rehman said that he has ordered that the effigies should not be removed but their heads should be beheaded. Rahman has warned that if the shopkeepers violate this decision, they will be punished severely.

This video of the Taliban’s conservative order is being shared on the media and people are criticizing the Taliban. The video was shared by BBC journalist Zia Shahryar in Afghanistan, writing, ‘This is Herat where Taliban officials have asked all female effigies in clothing stores to be beheaded, calling them “un-Islamic”. Rumi (the famous poet of Iran) called Herat the “Pearl of Khorasan” and it is considered the cultural capital of Afghanistan.’

Ever since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, in the name of reform, they are taking many such decisions which are being criticized all over the world.

Recently, the Taliban made a law that Afghan women can no longer travel alone. She will be able to travel more than 72 kms only if she is accompanied by someone from her household or a close male relative. If she goes on a journey alone, she will not be given a place in the trains. The Taliban ordered school going girls and working women to be imprisoned in their homes as soon as they arrived.


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