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35 crores stolen from 7 insurance company by making false story of wife’s murder, revealed after 5 years – dentist Husband kills wife for insurance money in america tsty

Story Highlights

  • Husband had murdered his wife in 2016
  • FBI investigation revealed

The husband, a dentist by profession, made up a fabricated story in front of the insurance company, saying – his wife accidentally shot herself. After this, his concocted story was accepted by the police along with the insurance company as true. After which he also got paid $4.8million (about Rs 35 crore) of his wife’s policy. But now after about 5 years, the handiwork of the accused dentist husband has been exposed. The accused dentist husband is a resident of Pennsylvania (USA). Police investigation has come that the husband had killed the wife.

According to the Daily Mail, husband Lawrence Rudolph (67), is accused of murdering his wife Bianca in the year 2016. Lawrence told that his wife had accidentally shot herself. In 2016, he went with his wife to Zambia for ‘African Safari’. The wife shot him on the very day when he was about to return.

The Zambian police also considered the shooting to be an accident and believed Lawrence’s story. Both used to go on safari continuously since their marriage in 1982. Actually, the investigation of this case was started by the FBI. In 2016, Bianca’s friend called the FBI and informed that they suspected this death. The same friend told that both were not happy after their marriage, but Lawrence did not want to get divorced so that he would not lose money. Both also have two children. One of these daughters works with him in the dental clinic of Laureus.

In the complaint filed against Lawrence after the murder of his wife, it was revealed that he collected around Rs 35 crore from seven different insurance companies. Meanwhile, recently this act of Lawrence was exposed, where it was revealed that he had done all this for the money of the policy.

Girlfriend’s entry after wife’s death

The FBI agent said, after the wife’s funeral, the accused dentist booked a plane ticket. But he canceled this ticket, after that he booked a ticket in the name of another woman. With whom he met in Las Vegas. At the same time, the woman for whom the dentist had canceled the ticket, he had met before the death of his wife in Mexico.

That’s how the FBI investigated

The FBI also spoke to tour guides in Zambia during its investigation. In which the guide told that Lawrence had cremated his wife by paying money to the officials. At the same time, the medical expert present in Colorado, seeing the photo of Bianca, told that it is difficult to shoot by himself. The accused dentist was arrested after this in December 2021 itself. At present, the dentist husband has been arrested from Denver, Colorado. He has denied all the allegations against him.


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