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27 refugees including women and a child going to Europe died due to drowning in Libya tlifw

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  • Bodies of 27 refugees found on the banks of Khoms
  • death by shipwreck
  • Refugees going to Europe illegally

The bodies of at least 27 refugees heading to Europe in search of a better life have been found off the coast of western Libya. Libya’s Red Crescent has confirmed this and said that they died due to boat capsizing. This route to Europe is considered the most dangerous route for illegal migrants, from where there are often reports of drowning of migrants. But still, the desire of many refugees to lead a good life outweighs these risks and many times they pay the price by losing their lives.

A child and women were also among the dead.

The Red Crescent branch said the bodies were found in the coastal town of Khoms, about 90 km from the capital Tripoli. All the bodies were found late on Saturday night at two different places. A child and two women are also included in these dead bodies. It was informed by the Red Crescent that three other refugees have been rescued and the search is on for the rest.

boat sunk several days ago

“The decomposed condition in which the bodies were found indicates that the ship sank several days ago,” a security official told AFP news agency. The security official said that the death toll could rise. Images published by Libyan media organizations showed bodies being laid on shore and then being placed in body bags. These horrifying pictures of the tragedy are enough to disturb anyone.

It is being told that these refugees were trying to go to Europe via Libya and they died due to the sinking of the boat. It is considered the main and most dangerous route to Europe for African and Asian migrants.

1,500 refugees killed in this sea route in a year

According to the United Nations Migration Agency, about 1,500 refugees have died this year in several boat accidents and shipwrecks along the central Mediterranean route. Refugees often face dire conditions in Libya on overcrowded and unseaworthy ships before heading north. Such ships are in bad condition which often sink in the sea.

According to the International Organization for Migration, this tragedy has come to the fore just days after 160 refugees died within a week in similar incidents. With this, the total number of people killed in such incidents this year has gone up to 1,500.

Horrific abuse happens in refugee camps

The IOM says more than 30,000 refugees were detained in the same period after which they returned to Libya. The European Union is also working with the Libyan Coast Guard to cut the number of refugees coming to Europe’s shores.

Many of the refugees who are barred from going to Europe also face horrific abuse in refugee camps.


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