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10 crore ‘cash’ was deposited in the house, the policemen were also surprised – Man kept 10 crore fake cash currency in house East London UK Britain tsty

Story Highlights

  • Was depositing currency in my house in London
  • The accused was trying to go to Japan
  • Now the sentence will be pronounced on February 10

A 31-year-old man living in London had £1 million (about Rs 10 crore) in cash in his suitcase. He had deposited this cash in his flat. The cash which was recovered from him contained currency of 50 pounds and 200 euros.

When the police caught sight of this cash, their senses were blown away, but when this cash was investigated by the Bank of England. So know that they are fake. When soon the accused will be sentenced in this case.

Detectives affiliated with the Metropolitan Police raided the home of Emil Bogdan Savastru in east London in January last year. Where so much cash was found in his house. However, when Imil was caught, he was trying to escape. Emil was nabbed from London’s Heathrow Airport the day his house was raided.

He was on his way to Japan. When he was questioned, he refused to tell from where did he get this cash. At the same time, he also refused to tell what he was going to do with so much cash. Now Isleworth Crown Court has proved Emil guilty in this case. Accused Imil will be sentenced in this case on February 10.

Constable Andrew Penn, the investigating officer of this case, said, ‘If this person had not been caught, many fake notes would have come into circulation. All these notes would have been used for crime across the UK.


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