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WhatsApp Scam Alert: A few days ago a big scam came to the fore in the name of WhatsApp. The scam started on WhatsApp in the name of Rediroff.ru. Through this phishing scam, fraudsters access personal and financial information using social engineering methods. Fraudsters used to first send links to users on WhatsApp. When a user clicks on the link, a new webpage opens. In this webpage it is told that users can win good rewards by taking a survey. And under the guise of a survey, all the information of the users would have reached the scammers.

But this is not the only thing. Users of messaging platform WhatsApp have been warned that scammers are trying to steal their identities. So be alert.

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cyber security agency alert
Dmitry Bestuzhev, director of cybersecurity company Kaspersky, says that WhatsApp has many security flaws. Users should not share their personal information of any kind on WhatsApp.

According to a news published in www.express.co.uk, Dmitry Bestuzhev said in an interview to the Spanish news agency that it is important to understand that WhatsApp is not a secure platform, although many people think that it is safe. He said that scammers are eyeing the data of WhatsApp users and are looking for big opportunities.

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Do not share personal information
He said that the best thing is never to share your personal information with anyone from WhatsApp to any other social media or through app. Many people share their personal information and these people put the control of their bank account in someone else’s hands as soon as they take a pinch.

WhatsApp, currently owned by Meta (formerly known as Facebook), is no stranger to scams as fraudsters target nearly 200 users of the messaging service worldwide, says the head of a cybersecurity agency. To take advantage of crores of users.

He said that using or stealing users’ data is called ‘SIM-swapping’. And SIM swapping happens only when scammers clone a user’s phone number and use it in a new SIM card. In this way, they get the personal information of Yajur and all the passwords. In some cases, scammers do fraudulent calls to steal users’ data.

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