Monday, May 23, 2022

Trading in the stock market will be easier, investment tips will be available on the mobile app

Share Market Update News: Even after the ever-changing trends of the stock market amid the ever-changing nature of the Corona epidemic, investors have not been disappointed. On the contrary, investing wisely has only made investors rich. In view of the continuously decreasing interest rates in banks and excellent returns of the market, a large number of people are moving towards the stock market.

Market experts say that before investing in the stock market, a deep study of the market and patience is very important. But not everyone has an understanding of the market. Most of the people invest money in each other’s stock market and then repent.

Since the age is technology, the study of stock market can also be done sitting at home. In this episode, StockDaddy app is rapidly gaining hold in the market. A target has been set to add 5 million customers on the StockDaddy app by 2024.

What is StockDaddy App
StockDaddy is a stock trading learning app that helps new investors to understand the basic and technical analysis of stock markets. The app fully caters to the needs of Indian investors. The StockDaddy app enables people to earn money from businesses other than traditional businesses and add value to their socio-economic status. Equipped with state-of-the-art smart features powered by EaseMyTrade, StockDaddy App is an e-learning platform that not only provides budding investors with the nuances of the market but also hone their stock market skills.

There are two courses on StockDaddy App – Stock Market for Beginners and Stock Market Mastery. Online classes are also provided on this app for those people who want to specialize in stock market. The facility of offline courses will also be started soon. Centers will be set up in 29 state capitals for offline courses. StockDaddy app is planning to launch few more brands in domestic and overseas markets.

Unique Initiative of EaseMyTrade
StockDaddy App is developed by Alok Kumar, Founder, EaseMyTrade. Alok Kumar is one of those entrepreneurs who started his business journey to educate people about investing and trading in stock markets.

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