Wednesday, May 25, 2022

New Year 2022 Fraud Alert: Be careful on the new year, your slightest mistake can cause a big loss

There are only a few days left for the new year to begin. In such a situation, many big e-commerce companies are giving great offers and discounts on products to attract customers. At the same time, the group of hackers and cyber thugs have also become very active these days. In that case you need to be careful. Your slightest mistake can cause a big loss. On the occasion of New Year, cyber thugs are trying their best to cheat people under the guise of tempting offers and phishing links. In the last few days, many such cases have come out in which people have been cheated of lakhs of rupees through fraud calls. After the corona epidemic, there has been a significant increase in such cases. Let us know about it in detail –

The Cyber ​​Wing of the Ministry of Home Affairs has asked people to be careful about this. Giving information about this, he has told people to avoid falling prey to any kind of free gifts, attractive offers and tempting offers.

Often banks keep instructing their customers from time to time to avoid such frauds. You need to be alert at every step in today’s digital world. Your little carelessness can cause a big loss.

Never open any unknown links on your phone. It can also be a type of phishing links. Apart from this, beware of fake calls who ask you for your bank details under the guise of tempting offers. Keep in mind that never share your bank details, ATM card information, OTP etc. with anyone.


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