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Google-Facebook fined Rs 1,747 crore for spying, you can also be a victim, know how to defend

San Francisco, IANS. Big tech companies like Google and Facebook have been accused of spying on people. Due to this, a fine of Rs 1,747 crore has been imposed on both the companies. Both Google and Facebook have been accused of tracking cookies in France. France Watchdog Commission CNIL plans to impose a fine of Rs 1261 crore on Google and Rs 504 crore on Facebook. Both companies are accused of violating France’s data privacy rules.

An additional fine of 100,000 euros may be imposed

An additional fine of 100,000 euros per day will be imposed on both tech companies. This 100,000 fine will have to be paid by both the companies in case these two companies do not settle the matter within three months of the order of CNIL. Meta spokesperson said in the matter that the matter is being reviewed on their behalf. He also promised that his company would take appropriate steps in the matter. According to Meta, the settings of Facebook and Instagram users have been changed to control the tracking of cookies on their behalf. From where users can block the option of tracking cookies. According to the company, it will continue to improve it in the future as well. Although there is no comment from Google in this matter.,

Fine has already been imposed

Let us tell you that earlier in December 2020, CNIL fined Amazon and Google 35 million euros and 100 million euros for cookie violations in the same case. Google was also fined 50 million euros under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Google. According to a ZDNet report, WhatsApp was fined 225 million euros in September last year.

what are cookies

Companies like Google and Facebook store the searched information of users through cookies. It helps users in searching in a fast way. But many companies track cookies and show targeted ads to users. This data is stored in the user’s phone in the form of cache and cookies.

delete cookies

  1. In Google Chrome, press the More icon in the top-right corner of the browser, represented by 3 vertical dots.
  2. Then tap on History.
  3. Clear browsing data to clear your cookies and cache.
  4. You can also clear browsing data from the Chrome settings menu by selecting to clear your privacy and security, then browsing data.
  5. If you wish, you can also remove saved passwords, form data autofill and site settings by tapping Advanced. After selecting what you want to delete then hit the blue clear data clear icon and it will be erased without your approval. So confirm that you are doing exactly what you want.



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