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Cyber ​​Dost Alert: In the digital world, new methods of cheating and cheating are also being tried. With a phone call or message, hackers empty bank accounts sitting at home. Cybercriminals are defrauding people in new ways. The speed with which online transactions and digital payments have increased during the Corona period has also increased the cases of cyber fraud. Therefore, one should be alert from any unknown links, attractive offers and unknown calls.

In view of the increasing cases of cybercrime, the government also keeps on alerting the people from time to time. In order to make people aware about cybercrime, the Ministry of Home Affairs has also created an app called Cyber ​​Dost.

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Cyber ​​friend alerted
This time the government has alerted about a new threat through Cyber ​​Dost. The government has alerted people about OTP fraud. The government says that OTP can also be stolen by call.

The government has advised that while talking to an unknown person on the phone, no one should merge the call. As soon as the call is merged, fraudsters can hack your account by knowing the OTP. Be aware of this, be cautious. If you are a victim of fraud, you can register your complaint on

Do not share personal information
OTP number comes on your phone while making digital payment. Your transaction is completed only after this OTP. Keep in mind that do not share your OTP number with anyone. Do not give your bank account information to anyone. Sharing bank account, ATM card or credit card information can empty your account.

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WhatsApp is not a secure platform
Dmitry Bestuzhev, director of cybersecurity company Kaspersky, says that WhatsApp has many security flaws. Users should not share their personal information of any kind on WhatsApp.

Dmitry Bestuzhev said that it is important to understand that WhatsApp is not a secure platform, although many people think that it is safe. He said that scammers are eyeing the data of WhatsApp users and are looking for big opportunities.

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