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uttar pradesh assembly election could be announced anytime by election commission updates – India Hindi News

Uttar Pradesh Election: The announcement of assembly elections in 5 states including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Uttarakhand can be done at any time now. It is reported that the Home Ministry has approved the deployment of 225 companies of paramilitary forces in UP on Friday. These troops will be deployed between January 10 and 20. From this it is being speculated that the preparations have been completed by the Election Commission and now the election can be announced at any time. Sources say that elections can be held in UP in 6 to 7 phases. In fact, the Election Commission had recently met the DGPs and Chief Secretaries of the five states to take stock of the administrative preparations.

Apart from this, the report of vaccination has also been taken from the Health Secretary. The Commission has also appealed to intensify the campaign of vaccination in all the states so that the risk of spreading corona infection in the elections is minimized. Not only this, the Election Commission has also prepared to take tough decisions regarding restrictions on campaigning. What preparations are being made by the Election Commission, it will be known only at the time of announcement of the dates from its side, but it is being said that the rallies can be completely stopped. Promotion will now have to be done in online mode only. The Uttarakhand government has banned all political programs till January 15.

Political rallies banned in Uttarakhand

No such decision has been taken in UP or Punjab yet, but the activities have definitely reduced. In fact, the election campaign was in full swing in West Bengal only during the second wave last year. On one hand, there was a period of restrictions in the country, while in Bengal rallies and road shows were being organized with huge crowds. People were also raising questions on the Election Commission regarding this. But this time the commission has decided to leave no stone unturned in the elections.

All political parties had said, elections should be held on time only.

Even elections should be held on time or postponed. For opinion on this also, the commission had brainstormed with the political parties. In this meeting, all the parties had expressed their opinion that elections should be held on time. After that the commission took stock of the situation from vaccination to administration and now the election bugle can sound at any time.

Guidelines may be stricter than Bengal and Bihar

Apart from holding discussions with NITI Aayog member VK Paul and Home Ministry officials regarding the elections on Thursday, the Commission also interacted with top officials of the Home and Health Department of these five states. The Commission is in constant touch with these officers. The officials of the State Election Officer’s office are now waiting for the decision of the Election Commission. These officers are hopeful that the commission may issue a new guideline regarding the increasing corona infection. Some changes can be made in the Gine Line issued by the Commission for the West Bengal and Bihar Legislative Assembly elections last year.


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