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Satellite exposed Dragon China again built new bases near LAC also built helipad – India Hindi News

The situation of confrontation is still prevailing at many points in Eastern Ladakh. Meanwhile, some satellite images have surfaced in which China has made several permanent constructions near the Line of Actual Control (LAC), including pucca buildings and helipads. These photos are from October, tweeted by an American journalist. According to sources, the army has seen them and these pictures are close to Finger-8.

According to sources, China is continuously building construction work in the area beyond Finger Eight of Pangong Lake. Although these constructions are on China’s side, but permanent construction means that it is intensifying its defense preparations in this area. While on the one hand the military commander level talks emphasize not to change the status quo and China also agrees in that.

Explain that under the agreement between India and China, China will not go beyond Finger-8, while India will not go beyond Finger-4. Thus the area between Finger Eight and Finger Four was put in the buffer zone in which the army of any country does not patrol. Before the confrontation between the two countries last year, the armies of both countries used to patrol in this area. India used to claim till finger-8 and China till finger-4.

Army’s eye on all activities of China
Sources said that the army is keeping an eye on China’s every move and it has information about China’s construction even before satellite images. Better preparations have been made from the Indian side to deal with these activities. Therefore, the Indian side has not expressed any surprise regarding the satellite images. Nor has any official statement been given.

China has made preparations on its side near LAC
According to sources, such preparations have been made by China on its side near the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh. If sources are to be believed, China has been baffled by the expansion in infrastructure in the border areas of India during the last few years and in response to which it is doing this work expeditiously.

Tension escalated after clashes in Galwan Valley
Let us inform that after the clash between India-China troops in the Galvan Valley last year, the tension between the two countries increased. So far 13 rounds of talks have taken place between the military commanders but still no way has been found to defuse the tension in Hat Spring, Depsang areas. The 13th round of talks on October 10 was inconclusive.


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