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Poor Buddha Ram Got A Decree To Pay 14 Thousand Rupees After Hospitality Of The Governor,

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Budhram says that the officers had come. He had said that he would eat food in the hut, also employed laborers who had come. Mr. Governor, ate food, installed a fan. Later the Sarpanch said that the fan is ours. Got the gate installed, the sarpanch said, go to Seth, go get the gate installed. Sethji told the sarpanch that the money did not come, I do not have money. If I had known that there is such a gate, I would not have got it installed. His relative Gopibai said that the governor came, got him done in debt. By getting the gate installed, we will fulfill it by working hard, the fan has also been taken out, what facility did not get anything.

The condition of two schemes was seen in this one house, Ujjwala’s gas cylinder and stove was also found on the same day the governor had come. But it is not being used either. Budhram, who runs a family of 6 people, is doing a daily wage. Even now they live in their old tapra because the house is complete from outside, incomplete from inside.

Reality of PM Awas Yojana in Madhya Pradesh, bribe taken even for kutcha houses…

When we brought the story of Buddha Ram to the government, the minister said it was wrong and said that action would be taken. The Congress alleges that the government does such work for the sake of appearance, for which the poor have to bear the brunt. Urban Administration Minister Bhupendra Singh said that this should not happen. If any such incident has happened, then action will be taken against the guilty officials. His Excellency the Governor has said something, if he has gone somewhere, full care will be taken of his honor. When we asked if it was only a symbol that the house was first punished and then everything was taken out, he said that naturally we have a tradition here that when a guest comes, then cleaning is done. But what you are telling is against the dignity of His Excellency the Governor. That’s why we believe wrong, will take action.

At the same time, Congress MLA Kunal Chaudhary said, “When His Excellency goes, he hand over the bill of 14000, my request is to stop looting the poor, the injustice being done to them, nothing will happen just by putting up big pandals. There should be an FIR against people who are indulging in such work.”

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Let us tell you that a few days ago, we had shown the reality of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in Dindori district, how dozens of kutcha and hut houses have been built, for this also money and chicken were demanded in bribe. After our news, the rituals of action against two small officers were done.

We had also told that how the state government did not give its contribution for 4 lakh houses, due to which the center has withheld the amount of 640 crores, so in the supplementary budget in the winter session of the assembly, the government has given two thousand crores for the prime minister’s house. A provision of Rs.

The poor’s house shines in the advertisements, it is another matter that for branding in the house of 120,000, Netaji comes to eat food in the house, the headlines become in the newspaper, then the story is like Buddharam, with not one but many beneficiaries that shines. He has to pay only 140000 of the doors. One more thing, in MP, 40 percent houses are to be built in rural and about 50 percent in urban, so it is difficult to understand how the dream of housing for all will be fulfilled by 2022.

Prime time of Ravish Kumar: Reality of PM Awas Yojana, bribe taken even for kutcha houses



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