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People Flowing Like River In Sarojini Nagar Market, Stampede Can Happen: Delhi HC

High Court has expressed concern over the huge crowd in Sarojini Nagar market

New Delhi :

Delhi High Court Huge crowd in Sarojini Nagar market But expressing concern, said on Friday that the situation there, whether Kovid or non-Covid, is “horrible” and a stampede can happen due to the crowd and hundreds of lives can be lost in it. In the past, a bomb exploded in the same market. The court said that whether there is a Kovid or not, people have to be alert. Along with this, the court said that if any death occurs due to Kovid-19 infection or stampede in Sarojini Nagar market, then the officials of New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) and Delhi Police will be personally responsible for it.

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The court also issued contempt notices against NDMC officials for not complying with its earlier orders to remove encroachments from the market, including illegal vendors and their goods. The court asked the Delhi Police and the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) to prepare a plan for the movement of people in the market and the NDMC and other officials to ensure that there is no overcrowding. Instructed to visit and assess the situation in view of the current situation of the epidemic. A bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Singh said, “These photographs show that during the night all the goods are lying there and covered with blue sheets.” Kovid or non-Covid, we see that the situation is dire. There could be a stampede, there could be hundreds of deaths. If there is a bomb blast in that area, there is even a single attacker, just imagine how many people will be killed in the blast and stampede.” If the incident happens, what will happen?

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When NDMC’s counsel said that 70,000 to 80,000 people daily visit the market due to Christmas and they need to be controlled. He urged the court to pass an order to remove the encroachment. To this the bench said that it had already directed the officers not to allow anyone to encroach, be it a shopkeeper or any other. “If a shopkeeper is encroaching upon public land, do you need our order to remove it? You will not remove it yourself… We do not understand what is happening.’ Additional standing counsel Naushad Ahmed Khan, appearing for Delhi Police, argued that the height of the boundary wall of the market is too low, due to which people can jump into the market. enter into. Apart from this, the market has several entrances and exits. The court asked the NDMC to erect a fence on the market wall so that people cannot jump and enter. The court is hearing a petition related to illegal encroachment and unauthorized vendors there in Sarojini Nagar market. was being

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