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NITI Aayog Report: Kerala tops state in health index, Maharashtra at No. 5, Uttar Pradesh-worst – Kerala number-1 in providing health services, Maharashtra at 5th place, know the condition of UP

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Health Index: NITI Aayog released the Health Index on Monday.


  • Tamil Nadu and Telangana are ranked second and third respectively.
  • Uttar Pradesh has topped in growth performance.

Health Index: NITI Aayog released the health index on Monday. In this, the southern states have won, while the condition of the northern states is bad. According to the fourth health index of the commission, among the large states, Kerala has been ranked highest in the field of health on all parameters while Uttar Pradesh is at the bottom. The fourth health index takes into account the period 2019-20 (reference year).

The report prepared by NITI Aayog said that Tamil Nadu and Telangana are at the second and third positions respectively on health parameters. The report said that Uttar Pradesh has achieved the highest position in growth performance. According to the report, Uttar Pradesh has registered the highest growth change from the base year (2018-19) to the reference year (2019-20).

Among the smaller states, Mizoram topped the list, while among the union territories, Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir were at the bottom of all parameters in the health sector and ranked highest in growth performance. The report said that for the fourth consecutive index, Kerala’s performance on all parameters was the best.

According to the report, Telangana performed well on all parameters and growth and secured the third position in both. Rajasthan as a whole and in terms of growth underperformed. This report has been prepared by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with technical assistance from the World Bank.


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