Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Maharashtra: More Than 36,000 Cases Of Corona Registered In A Day, But Genome Sequencing Not A Priority

Vigilance is being taken regarding the increasing infection of corona


Corona cases are increasing rapidly in Maharashtra. Maharashtra will not give priority to genome sequencing for testing samples due to increasing infection. Such a decision has been taken on the advice of the Kovid Task Force. It is being told that a rapid jump has been registered in the cases of corona. More than 36000 cases were reported in the state on Thursday. This figure is 36.65 percent more than Wednesday. The state on genome sequencing is that it is failing to continue, as the country is witnessing a rapid increase in daily cases of corona.

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On this matter, State Health Minister Rajesh Tope told NDTV that it is more important to treat patients than to identify the variant of coronavirus. So far 876 cases of Omicron variant have been reported in Maharashtra. He said that genome sequencing is not the most important right now. We will do whatever we can, but it is not for everyone.

Giving examples, he said that if someone’s rapid antigen test is positive, then there is no need to repeat the RT-PCR test. There is also no need for genome sequencing. Because when it comes to the treatment of variants, be it Delta or Omicron, it is not much different.

Daily cases of Kovid cross 20,000 in Mumbai, final decision may be taken on imposing lockdown

A BMC official told NDTV that the Indian government had planned to do genome sequencing to understand the spread of the Omicron virus. This time period was from December 21 to December 31. It is over. But our routine process of genome sequencing will continue as it is. The priority of the state is to stop the spread of the virus. The minister said that restrictions have been imposed to ensure this. Marriages, social gatherings, religious gatherings and political gatherings have been banned. We have also closed colleges. On Thursday, 20,181 new cases of corona were registered in Mumbai, this number is about five thousand more than the cases reported on Wednesday. During this, four people have lost their lives due to corona infection.

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