Monday, May 23, 2022

Maharashtra And Mumbai Coronavirus Updates In Hindi – 33,470 new patients of Kovid-19 in Maharashtra, more than 13 thousand cases in Mumbai too

31 new cases of Omicron have also been registered in Maharashtra.


Corona cases are increasing continuously around the world, while the infection is spreading rapidly in India too. Meanwhile, on Monday also a large number of new cases of corona have been reported, although the figure is 10918 less than the previous day. At the same time, in the capital Mumbai, more than 13 thousand new patients have been confirmed. According to the Health Bulletin issued by the Health Department, 33,470 new cases of corona have been reported in Maharashtra on Monday.

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During this, eight patients have also died due to infection in the state. At the same time 31 new cases of Omicron have also been registered in Maharashtra. Along with the new cases, so far 69,53,514 cases of infection have been reported in the state, while 1,41,647 patients have died due to this.

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According to the Health Department, if we talk about the capital Mumbai, during this time 13,648 new cases of corona infection have been reported and five patients have died. New cases are 30 percent or 5,826 less than the day before. After the arrival of new cases of infection in Mumbai, the cases of infection have increased to 9,28,220 and the death toll has gone up to 16,411. According to BMC, 59,242 samples were tested on Monday. A day before this, 68,249 samples were taken.

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