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Madras high court says temple can not usurp land god is omnipresent

Chennai. The Madras High Court has said that God is present everywhere. Therefore God does not need any special place for his divine presence. The High Court said these things during the hearing of a case. In this case, a demand was made from the court to ban the removal of a temple on a public land. At the same time, the Madras High Court on Friday said that fundamentalism is the root cause of all problems to divide people in the name of religion.

According to the English newspaper Times of India, the matter was being heard by a bench of Justice S Vaidyanathan and Justice D Bharat Chakraborty. The judges also said that those who filed the petition in the court cannot take possession of the highway property in the name of the temple. Also, the court said that this public land can be used by people of any caste and religion.

‘Build a temple on your land’
The judges further said, ‘If the petitioner wants to provide facilities to the devotees to worship Vinayanagar in any condition, then he is free to do so. But for this he should give his land. Build a temple there and let God keep the idol at that place.

What is the whole matter?
Let us inform that the petition in the High Court was filed by a person named S Periyasamy. In fact, the Stade Highway Department had asked Veppanathathi in Tamil Nadu to remove the temple. This temple is in Permavalur district. The petitioner is the trustee of the temple. He argued in the High Court that this temple has been here for more than 3 decades. At the same time, he said that while building this temple, care was taken that there should be no problem in the movement of vehicles on the highway.

petition dismissed
The High Court dismissed this petition. The court said that if this temple is there for the last three decades, then it should show all the documents regarding this that it is the land of the temple. The High Court said that if the temple is allowed to stay there, then everyone will make such a demand.

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