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LNJP Hospital doctor says 40 out of 51 Omicron patients were successfully discharged none required oxygen support steroids or remdesivir

New Delhi: new variants of corona virus Omicron once again around the world Covid-19 Infection crisis has increased. The effect of Omicron is beginning to be seen around the world. Corona cases have suddenly increased in many countries including India. So far more than 450 cases of Omicron infection have been found in India. If we talk about the maximum number of cases, then Maharashtra and the national capital Delhi are at the first and second positions respectively. Meanwhile in Delhi LNJP Hospital (Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital) The senior doctor of Omicron has made a big disclosure about the patients. He told what kind of treatment is being given in the hospital to the patients suffering from Omicron.

So far 79 cases of Omicron have been reported in Delhi, out of which 51 patients were being treated at LNJP Hospital. On Sunday, the Managing Director of the hospital, Dr. Suresh Kumar gave many big information to the patients regarding the behavior and treatment. He said that 51 Omicron patients were admitted to the hospital, out of which 40 patients have gone home after recovering completely.

Dr. Suresh Kumar said that most of the patients of Omicron who came here were asymptomatic i.e. patients who did not have any symptoms of any kind. These patients did not have to give any kind of medicine. He said that none of the patients suffering from Omicron were put on oxygen support nor did they need to be given steroids or medicines like remdesivir.

Let us inform that a few days ago the doctors of LNJP Hospital had told that so far only Paracetamol and Multi Vitamin tablets have been given to the patients of Omicron undergoing treatment in the hospital (LNJP), any patient needs any special type of treatment. Has not fallen.

A senior doctor at LNJP Hospital had said that about 90 percent of the patients infected with the Omicron form of corona have no symptoms of the disease. In the remaining patients, minor symptoms such as sore throat, mild fever and body aches, which are usually seen in colds, have been reported. The doctor said, in the treatment of these patients of Omicron, only multi-vitamin and paracetamol tablets were used. We did not feel the need to give him any other medicine.

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