Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Live news update coronavirus lockdown restriction guidelines cases third wave in delhi mumbai

New Delhi. There has been an uproar across the country due to the speed of Coronavirus. There were 2 lakh 68 thousand cases on Saturday. While the positivity rate is 16.66%. Meanwhile, 42,462 new cases of corona virus infection were reported from Maharashtra on Saturday. Here 125 new cases of Omicron variants have been reported. On the other hand, cases have started decreasing in Delhi. However, it is not known whether the pace of infection has stopped due to less tests or there is some other reason. On Saturday, 20,718 new cases of corona were reported in Delhi. In the last one day, 30 people died due to infection in the capital.

In the third wave of corona virus, now the cases of corona infection are decreasing in Mumbai as well. Here on Saturday, 10 thousand 661 new cases of Kovid were reported while 11 people have died due to infection in a day. On the other hand, 22 more people died due to corona virus infection in Punjab, while 6,883 new cases of infection have been reported. After the death of 22 people due to the epidemic in the state, the total death toll has increased to 16,754.

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