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Impress Anand Mahindra with Jugaad’s jeep, Bolero will replace jeep, will do this work with jeep. , Impress Anand Mahindra with Jugaad’s jeep, Bolero will replace jeep, will do this work with jeep

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Anand Mahindra is known to be a fan of innovative things as well as the jugaad that Indians do. He constantly promotes innovative ideas. Once again, Anand Mahindra has made a tweet, in which a person is driving a four wheeler made of junk things on the road with pleasure. Everyone who sees the jeep made from Jugaad is praising the Dattatreya Lohar who made it. On the other hand, Anand Mahindra has praised this person and asked him to give Bolero in exchange for this vehicle. Mahindra has already gifted a tractor to a farmer from Bihar.

Actually, let us tell you that Dattatreya the blacksmith who, despite being less educated, has built such a unique vehicle by spending only 60,000 rupees to fulfill the wishes of his son. The start is similar to that of a motorcycle, but it looks like a jeep. According to Historicano, a YouTube channel, this person who made a modified Jeep out of junk items is from Maharashtra.

Let us tell you that while sharing the 45-minute video clip, Anand Mahindra tweeted and wrote, “Sooner or later he will be stopped from driving the vehicle by the local authorities, otherwise it will be a violation of the rules. I personally would offer a Bolero in lieu of a Jeep. And this Jeep can be showcased at MahindraResearchValley to inspire us, as ‘resourceful’ means to do more with less resources” adding that “I love the ingenuity of our people and the ‘more with less’ capabilities.” I will never stop praising

Let us tell you that when Anand Mahindra has shared the video by tweeting, then this video is being seen fast. The viral video has been viewed more than 3 lakh times so far. Also, the video has got more than 18 thousand likes. Seeing this video, people are also commenting fiercely praising Dattatreya Lohar.

photo credit: anand mahindra tweet


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