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Death Of Collarwali Tigress Has Given Birth To 29 Cubes

Collarwali Tigress Dies: The tigress who gave birth to 29 cubs has died in the Pench Tiger Reserve in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh, which was popularly known as ‘collarwali’. This tigress was also known as ‘Punch Ki Rani’ and ‘Super Mom’. Ashok Mishra, the area director of Pench Tiger Reserve, said on Sunday, “The world famous ‘collarwali’ tigress T-15 breathed her last at 6.15 pm on Saturday in Beit Kumbhadev of Karmajiri area under Pench Tiger Reserve, Seoni.”

He said that this tigress, who had completed the age of about sixteen and a half years, died due to her old age. Mishra said that it was being monitored continuously for the last one week by the wildlife doctor of the park management. He said that after his death, Dr. Akhilesh Mishra and Dr. Amol Rokade, Veterinary Doctor of Park Management, Veterinary School of Wildlife and Forensic Health, Jabalpur conducted the autopsy on Sunday morning as per standard operating procedure of National Tiger Conservation Authority. The organs are collected for laboratory examination.

was born in the month of september 2005

Mishra told that this tigress ‘T-15’, which gave recognition to the Pench Tiger Reserve, Seoni all over the world, was born in September 2005 from the then famous tigress ‘Big Mada’. Later, after the death of ‘Big Mada’, ‘Collarwali’ carried forward his mother’s legacy in a proud manner. He said that the ‘collarwali’ tigress gave birth to 29 cubs in total eight times between May 2008 and December 2018 and made an unforgettable contribution in increasing the tiger population in Pench.

‘Giving birth to 29 cubs is a world record’

Mishra claimed, “It is a world record for a tigress to give birth to 29 cubs in its lifetime and a tigress keeping 25 out of 29 cubs alive after birth is also an unprecedented record in itself.” He said that the ‘collarwali’ tigress gave birth to three cubs for the first time in May 2008, four cubs in October 2008, five cubs in October 2010, three cubs in May 2012, three cubs in October 2013 and four cubs in April 2015. Ko, gave birth to three cubs in 2017 and four cubs in December 2018.

Mishra told that at present the Patdev tigress (T4), who is adorning the park with her five cubs, is the child of the ‘collarwali’ tigress. The park management is confident that this tigress will soon take the place of her mother and carry forward the legacy of Collarwali. He said that on receipt of information about the death of the T-15 collared tigress, the senior officers were immediately informed. Mishra told that from the park management to the wildlife lovers of the world are saddened on its death.

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