Friday, January 28, 2022

coronavirus is biological weapon of china plea in supreme court of india Application filed in Supreme Court, know

Hearing a case on Monday, the Supreme Court said that every person who thinks that there is some solution to Corona cannot be allowed to file a petition. With this remark, the court refused to entertain a petition alleging that China was deliberately spreading the virus in the form of a biological weapon. Justice SK Kaul and Justice MM Sundaresh dismissed the plea of ​​a lawyer, saying that it was filed only for publicity. The apex court reprimanded the petitioner for filing the PIL.

The court said, ‘Is it the job of the court to see what is the international influence, whether China is committing genocide or not?’ The bench said, ‘What kind of petition is this. what’s going on? It seems that you have filed this petition only to appear before the court. Nothing else.’ Dismissing the petition, the top court said in its order, ‘It has been alleged in the petition that China is deliberately spreading Kovid-19 as a biological weapon and the court should issue some order to the government in this regard. It is the job of the government to take action.

The bench said, ‘We cannot allow every person who thinks of some solution to the virus, to come under Article 32 and file a petition. Nothing prevented him from making suggestions to the appropriate authority. We believe that he has come here to get his name in the press and we request the press not to do so. A PIL by a Karnataka-based lawyer said that virgin coconut oil can kill the virus and also sought a direction to the central government to stop the virus from spreading to China.


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