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Charter Flight Companies Providing Air Travel To VIP Leaders Upset Due To Ban On Election Rallies

Charter flight is required for star campaigners in elections

New Delhi:

In view of the increasing cases of Corona, the Election Commission has banned large public rallies and public meetings since the announcement of the election dates. Only door to door campaign is being done. In such a situation, there is no need for chartered flights and helicopters to take VIP leaders and star campaigners to the constituency. Whereas in normal times, star campaigners used to hold many rallies in a day. Due to this the condition of the operators of charter flight services is deteriorating. At present, out of 350-400 flight hours every month, only 10-15 per cent are election-related, the in-operators said. Club One Air CEO Rajan Mehra said, “The election-related journey has not picked up pace.

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It started from mid-December, but then the Election Commission announced a ban on rallies. Due to this, most of the election journey came to a complete halt. Mehra said that election related travel is very limited. JetsetGo Aviation CEO Kanika Tekriwal said that due to the ban on rallies due to Corona, the company has been asked only 70 percent for election-related travel this year as compared to last year.

Tekriwal said, “The ban on rallies has been increased, so at this time we do not see more flights being booked for election travel for rallies, JetsetGo Aviation and Club One Company Air operate 18 and 10 charter flights respectively.” Announcing the dates for elections in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab and Manipur on January 8, the Election Commission had announced a ban on rallies, road shows and bike rallies and similar campaigning programs till January 15.

The commission had on January 15 extended the ban till January 22. On Saturday, it was increased to 31 January. Mehra said that even though the election related travel for charter companies has not picked up, but overall the situation for the aviation business (charter flight operations) has been good.

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