Friday, May 20, 2022

Bihar: Fire Broke Out In The Bogey Of A Train Parked At The Plateform

Suddenly the fire took a formidable form.

Patna :

Bihar: A sudden fire broke out in a bogie of a train parked on the Pilgrim platform of Gaya Junction, Bihar. Soon it took a formidable form. After getting the information, the fire brigade vehicles reached the spot and started extinguishing the fire, although by then the entire sleeper bogie had been burnt to ashes. After getting information about the incident, many officers of RPF, GRP and Railways also reached the spot. The cause of the fire is not yet clear. Witness and local resident Brijanandan Pathak said that they had come here for a walk. Then he saw smoke coming out of a sleeper bogie of a train parked on the Pilgrim platform. Then it was informed to RPF, GRP, Railway officials, Gaya District Magistrate and Fire Brigade.

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After this, many administrative officers of the railway reached the spot. Along with this, many vehicles of the fire brigade also reached the spot and did the work of extinguishing the fire. He said that this 6 bogie train was standing. In which isolation ward was also made. A sleeper bogie has caught fire. Other bogies were cut and separated by the relief team that reached the spot. He said that no person was present inside the train at the time of the incident. The reason for how the fire started is not yet clear.



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