Sunday, May 22, 2022

Baba vanga 2022 prediction baba vanga ki bhavishyavani global warming virus and

New Delhi. We are all going to boy-boy 2021 in a few days with some bad, some good memories. After 2021, preparations are on to welcome 2022 by spreading arms. With this, predictions of famous prophets about the new year (Prediction 2022) have also started coming out. Blind Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova aka Baba Venga Fakir Baba Venga, who lives in Bulgaria, has been one such famous prophet. Baba Venga has made a surprising prediction about 2022 (Baba Vanga Ki Bhavishyavani 2022).

Baba Venga has predicted that in 2022 there will be destruction on the earth. He says that in the year 2022, the water crisis in the world is going to deepen. There will be a shortage of drinking water in many cities. The water of rivers will become polluted and lakes and ponds will shrink. Due to lack of water, people will be forced to migrate to other places. Not only this, global warming will increase in 2022. The biggest impact of global warming will be seen in India. In 2022, the maximum temperature here will reach 50 degrees Celsius. Due to the increase in temperature in India, the population of locusts will increase. She will attack and destroy millions of fields in green areas. This will lead to famine conditions in the country.

Another virus will come out
Due to global warming, ice will start melting in the Siberia region of Russia, due to which a dangerous virus will be exposed to the world. This virus will spread rapidly around the world and all the arrangements around the world dealing with it will fail.

There will also be danger of earthquake and tsunami
According to Venga Baba (Baba Vanga Ki Bhavishyavani 2022), the risk of earthquake and tsunami will increase in the world in the year 2022. After the earthquake in the Indian Ocean, a big tsunami will arise, which will engulf the coastal areas of the countries of the world including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India. Hundreds of people will have to lose their lives in this tsunami.


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