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worried about your kids height, here the possible ways to predict your child’s height | Worrying about height, know in this way how tall your little ones will be

New Delhi: People are very possessive about their personality. In such a situation, what you could not do for yourself, you can definitely do it for the children. Height plays an important role in being attractive and adding to the personality. Those whose height is less, they feel uncomfortable with feeling lack of personality. It is often said that height does not increase after the age of 18. This means that if you pay attention to your child’s growth from now on, then you can help in increasing their height.

Preparation for the development of children from now

In fact, for the future preparations of the child, along with ensuring his education, it is also very important for you to estimate the height of your child so that you can plan properly in time. It is often seen that the height of children is almost around the length of their parents. So let’s know what are the special ways through which you can estimate the height of your child.

biggest factor

The human body ie the pituitary gland produces growth hormone in our body, which determines our height. Sometimes some deficiencies in our body affect these growth hormones, due to which the height of many people is reduced.

Formula No. 1

Formula number 1, in this you measure the height of both mother and father in centimeters or inches. If you want to estimate your son’s height, then add 5 to it and subtract 5 from the girl’s height. Divide the number you get by 2. In this way you can get an idea of ​​the height of your child.

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Formula No. 2

Apart from this, formula number 2 is quite popular, although there is no scientific proof of it. Under this rule, if you want to estimate the height of your daughter, then when she is 18 months old, double her height. On the other hand, if you want to estimate the height of your son, then at the age of 2 years, double his height. In this way you can estimate the height of your son and daughter.

diet and exercise

Through certain stretching exercises and the right diet, you can help your child to increase their height and their growth in their growing age. Children of growing age need calcium, protein, vitamins. So give them nutritious food. This will not only increase their height but also their proper physical development.

don’t do it at all

We have already told that genes have an effect on the height of children. It is genetic. Every child’s growth is different. In such a situation, never compare your children with other’s children. Because in the growing age, not only the physical development of children takes place, but their mental development also takes place during this period. In such a situation, whenever you compare them with others, they can become mentally weak.

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What will be the height of the child?

So if you are worried about the height of your child? So you can get an idea of ​​his height in this way as well. The scientific facts which are right in their place must be followed and they are that proper and proper diet and proper exercise can help in the physical development of children. Even after doing all this, if you are feeling worried about the height of your child, then you should immediately consult a qualified doctor.

note: (The article published here is based on discussions with health experts and dieticians. Every child’s physical appearance i.e. height and weight depends on many factors. Therefore, you must take proper medical advice if needed.)


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