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World Braille Day 2022 History Know About Louis Braille Invented Braille Language – World Braille Day 2022: What is Braille Script? Know when and how World Braille Day started

World Braille Day is celebrated every year on 4 January. This day is very special for the visually impaired all over the world. Braille Day is celebrated on the occasion of the birthday of a person named Lewis Braille. Lewis Braille is an inventor who invented the Braille script. Braille is a language used by blind people to write and read. Braille script is used for those who lose their eyesight due to birth or any reason, for them to stand equal to other people in the society, they should not be deprived of studies and they can become self-reliant even after their physical deficiency. By invention, Lewis Braille became the messiah of the visually impaired around the world. Although his work was not recognized when he was alive, Lewis Braille was later honored by introducing World Braille Day on his own birthday. Let us know about the Braille script, how was it invented? Who was Louise Braille? When and how did World Braille Day start?

Who was Louise Braille?

On January 4, 1809, a boy named Louis Braille was born in a village named Coupre, France. Lewis’s father was Simon Rayleigh Braille, who in those days worked as saddles and gins for royal horses. Due to the financial condition of the family, Lewis had to work with his father from the age of three. During this, in an accident, a knife entered one of his eyes and one of his eyes got damaged. Later, the vision of his other eye also started to go away. Due to tightness, proper treatment could not be found and at the age of 8, Louise Braille lost sight.

How was the Braille script invented?

Later, Louise Braille enrolled in a school for the blind. They came to know about an army code that would help them to read messages even in the dark. The idea of ​​such a script for the blind also came to his mind and he invented the Braille script.

What is braille script?

Braille script became a boon for those who could not see with their eyes. Braille script is a tactile code for the visually impaired to read and write. In this, a special type of raised paper is used, which can be read by touching the raised dots. Braille script can be written by means of a machine ‘braillewriter’, similar to typewriter. Apart from this, you can also write through stylus and braille slate. Raised dots in Braille are called ‘cells’.

When did World Braille Day start?

According to a report by the World Health Organization of the United Nations, about 39 million people worldwide cannot see. At the same time, about 253 million people have some kind of vision disorder. Due to such a large number of visually impaired, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution on 6 November 2018 that every year on the birthday of Louise Braille, i.e. 4 January, World Braille Day will be celebrated.


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