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Winter Skin Care With Some Basic Oil – You will get rid of dry and lifeless skin if you include this oil in the routine

It is common to have dry and lifeless skin during the winter season. While dry skin suffers a lot from it, the effect of winter is visible on oily skin too. The result of which is dryness in hands and feet. This dryness is as bad as it looks. At the same time, it also damages the skin. Because the skin starts cracking as soon as it becomes dry. In this case there is pain. If you want to get rid of the dryness of the skin, then only using the chemical body lotion of the market will do nothing. Because they do not even penetrate the skin. For this, only a simple oil massage is effective. So let’s know which are those oils which are beneficial by applying on dry skin.

coconut oil

As a child, the mother often used to melt coconut oil and apply it. So just always remember this recipe of mother. Coconut oil shows a wonderful effect on the skin in the winter season. It gets rid of dry skin quickly. As a result the skin becomes glowing and soft. If there is dryness in the skin along with dryness, then after bathing daily, massage the skin with light lukewarm oil. This oil works like magic on the skin.

avocado oil

If your skin starts cracking due to excessive dryness in winters. So avocado oil can be effective. This oil contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Which gives relief to itchy and dry skin. If you want, you can apply this oil on the hands and feet as well as on the face. Avocado oil also has anti-aging properties. Which helps in preventing the appearance of fine lines on the skin.

olive oil

While olive oil is a boon for dieters, on the other hand it also benefits the skin. Olive oil does not contain any calories, while this oil is full of energy. If this oil is applied daily on the face and hands and feet, then the skin will get a soft glow.

All these oils will help in keeping your skin hydrated from inside during the winter season. At the same time, by applying them, untimely wrinkles can also be avoided.


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