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What is the right way to wear a bra most women make this big mistake | Know the right way to wear a bra, this mistake is the most common

New Delhi: A large number of women keep wondering whether the bra they are wearing is the right size? It is difficult to get the right size bra because many times women do not know their right size. Many women have the right size bra but they do not know the right way to wear a bra. In such a situation, they have to face a lot of trouble. They have to adjust their bras frequently. Know in this news that according to experts, what is the right way to wear a bra?

Most women are worried about bra size.

According to a report published in The Sun, many women are troubled by the fact that their bra does not hold well, their bra size is not right. Experts believe that this happens because most women do not know the right way to wear a bra.

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Do not make this big mistake while wearing bra

According to experts, never turn the bra backwards to wear the bra by placing its hook towards your chest. Women often do this because they have a lot of trouble in closing the hook of the bra towards the back. His hand does not reach. Doing so may damage your bra. The bra should never be twisted.

What is the right way to wear a bra?

It is worth noting that the right way to wear a bra is to first bend your waist backwards. With this, your hand will easily reach the back to hook the bra. After this, with your hands, put your part in both the cups of the bra. Adjust the cup in such a way that the part is completely covered. After this, close the hook of the bra with your hands.

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Women should keep in mind that if their part is coming out from the cup of the bra, then they are wearing the wrong size bra. It is very important to wear the right size bra. If you will not wear the right size bra, then you will have to adjust your bra again and again.


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