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Toothpicks use can harmful for teeth and gums mt

Oral Health Care Tips: There are many people who have a habit of cleaning their teeth with a toothpick or a matchstick after eating anything. Which is also commonly called by people digging teeth. This habit is not only for men, but many women also have this habit. But do you know that this seemingly insignificant habit of yours can also cause a lot of trouble for you?

Let us tell you that digging teeth with a toothpick or matchstick can cause not one but many problems in your teeth and gums. So let us know how this problem of yours can become a problem for your teeth and gums.

There may be a gap between the teeth

Brushing your teeth with a toothpick can lead to a gap between your teeth. Which may not only look bad, but there can also be a problem of cavity due to food getting stuck in them.

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Teeth can be weak

Many times, while cleaning the teeth with a toothpick and matchstick, some people also start chewing it. This can cause damage to the enamel layer of the teeth, which can lead to weakening of the teeth.

May damage the roots of the teeth

With frequent and frequent use of toothpicks, the roots of the teeth can also become weak. Actually, there are times when the toothpick breaks and its piece can break and get stuck in the teeth, which can cause damage to the tissues.

Gums may bleed

Cracking your teeth with a toothpick or matchstick can injure your gums. Gums may hurt and bleed. Which can cause trouble for you.

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You can adopt these methods

Although you should give up the habit of cleaning teeth with a toothpick or match stick, but if you cannot leave it, you can use neem stick instead of any other match because neem is antibacterial.

To gradually get rid of the habit of digging teeth with your toothpick, make a habit of rinsing after eating every day. If you use lukewarm water with salt for the rinse, then it will be even better.

Make a habit of brushing after eating food. Due to which when your teeth are cleaned, then food particles will not remain in them. Due to which you will not want to use a toothpick in the teeth itself.(Disclaimer: This Article In Gave Went information And Notifications General beliefs Feather based Huh, Hindi news18 their Confirmation No does Is, In Feather Execution to do From First Connected specialist From Contact do,

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