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These 5 yogasanas are effective against corona, immunity is strong. Hindi News, Lifestyle

The third wave of corona is increasing rapidly in the country. Everyday corona cases are making new records. In such a situation, to avoid the epidemic, people are paying maximum attention to boosting their immunity.

Immunity is strengthened by these yogasanas

Good food, exercise and doctor’s suggested medicines are considered effective in strengthening immunity. Along with this, there are also some yogasanas, which help in strengthening the immunity of the body. Let us know which are those asanas (Immunity-Boosting Yoga), by doing them regularly, the ability of the lungs to breathe and the muscles become stronger.

Balasan: In this asana, bending the knees and bending forward, both the hands are kept forward by joining them. It relieves stress and relaxes the muscles. Along with this, the immunity-boosting of the body also increases.

blood circulation is accelerated

Bhujangasana: In this asana (Immunity-Boosting Yogasan), it is done while lying on the stomach, keeping both the hands on either side of the body while moving the head upwards. Due to this, along with immunity, the muscles involved in blood circulation and digestion are also strengthened.

Matsyasana: In this posture, lying on the back, the hands are kept near the thighs and the shoulders are raised upwards. This strengthens the upper limbs like chest, abs and neck.

Do this asana for 5 minutes daily

Anulom-Vilom Pranayama: In this asana (Immunity-Boosting Yogasan), the action of inhaling and exhaling is done by hitting the loincloth. You can do this asana daily for 5 minutes. This improves the immunity system as well as the breathing system.

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Vrikshasana: In this, standing straight, one leg is bent till the knee and then both the hands are raised up and joined. This increases physical and mental balance. A person suffering from the problem of migraine should avoid doing this asana.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general beliefs. Before adopting it, definitely take medical advice. ZEE NEWS does not endorse these prescriptions.)

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