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Skin care tips give a break to the skin care routine 1 day a week know its method pra

Skin Care Tips: What we do not do to keep the skin healthy. To protect the skin from problems, we use different types of expensive scrubbers, moisturizers, night creams, eye creams etc. But let us tell you that if you give the skin a break from these things at least one day a week, then the skin can heal itself and make it healthy. Yes, experts believe that it is important to keep the skin away from all kinds of makeup or skin care products once a week. bright side According to this, the skin has a natural ability to heal itself and it can cure skin problems with sebum production and natural oil. In such a situation, it may be that you find your skin oily or there is a fear of getting pimples, but let us tell you that they not only harm the skin but also get benefits. So let us know how we can give the skin a break for a day to keep the skin healthy.

Give the skin a break like this

1. Avoid Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of the skin eliminates the skin’s natural oil and the skin becomes dry. In such a situation, if your face has not become very dirty, then do not clean it with soap. If you feel that the dirt has settled on the skin, then clean the face with raw milk.

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2. Use more natural things

You should use natural things like fresh aloe vera gel, turmeric, sandalwood, gram flour etc. in your skin care routine and not artificial products. By doing this your skin will remain healthy for a long time.

3.Say No to Makeup Products

Do not use makeup products at least once a week to give break to the skin. There are many types of hard chemicals present in makeup products that damage the skin.

4. Don’t Scrub Too Much

Scrubbing is necessary to keep the skin soft, but if you are using the scrubber more than 2 times a week, then do not do it.

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5.Say No to Skin Treatment

Whether there is a problem of pigmentation or problem of under eye, you should avoid giving any kind of chemical or laser treatment on the skin. Over-treatment takes away the natural hydration of the skin.

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