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shaniwar ke uppay Saturday remedies will get special blessing of shani dev

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shani dev ke upaay

Shani Dev is said to be the god of justice and magistrate. Shani Dev gives an account of every action done in life. In such a situation, the result of being pleased and angry with Shani Dev also has to be suffered according to the person’s horoscope. Saturday is said to be the best day to please Shani Dev. On this day, devotees worship Lord Shani with full devotion.

According to folk beliefs, Shani Dev can be pleased by taking some special measures on Saturday. For those who take such measures, Lord Shani is pleased and removes the obstacles coming in life.

Vastu Tips: Plant a Parijat tree in the house, it will always be the abode of Mother Lakshmi, you will get long life and longevity

feeding black ants

Feed flour to black ants on Saturdays. With this, Shani Dev is pleased and gives auspicious results by eliminating the problems in life.

Light a mustard oil lamp under the peepad tree
Light a mustard oil lamp under a Peepal tree on Saturday night and put some black sesame seeds and iron nails in that lamp. After that return home.

Worship in Shani Mandir
Shani Dev is also pleased by anointing Shani with mustard oil on Saturday. If Shani’s Mahadasha is going on, then according to astrology, offer oil to Shani Dev on 5th or 7th Saturday.

Shani Dev is very dear to flowers of this color, by offering this way, every trouble will be removed

donate a blanket
Donate a black blanket to a poor person on Saturday. By doing this, Shani Dev is pleased and the obstacles coming in your big work are removed.

black cow service
The black cow should be served on Saturdays. Feed the first roti made at home to a black cow on Saturday. With this, Shani Dev will be soft on you even during Mahadasha.

Disclaimer- This article is based on general public information and proverbs. India TV does not confirm its veracity.


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